Desember 7, 2012

Auron Art.png

This is it. This is your story. It all begins here.
— Auron

Auron is a playable character in Final Fantasy X. He is a former warrior monk of Yevonguardian of High SummonerBraska, and is Tidus‘s caretaker. He is, in many ways, the unofficial leader of the main party of the game, as party members will often come to him for advice or ask for his permission.

Auron’s complex and mysterious past, revealed in pieces during the game, directly ties into the stories of Braska and Tidus’s father Jecht, and helps set the stage for the game’s events. In the English localization of Final Fantasy X, Auron ispronounced [ˈɔː.ɹən] (or-run).

Appearance and Personality

Auron wears a deep red haori with blue lining, kept closed with a thick, black and blue strap with two brown belts wrapped around it. Auron tucks his left arm into the front of his haori, making it look as though his arm is in a sling. He removes his left arm from his haori when fighting, but his right arm remains in its sleeve. This aspect (along with the jug on his side) is a tradition of sorts among rōnin, and is likely meant to be an homage to this traditional figure: a rōnin is a samurai who refused to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) after his lord’s death; this may be a reference to Braska’s death.

Auron wears a brown shoulder pad on his left shoulder that is intricately decorated with tan, green and blue patterns, with a beaded ornament dangling from it. He wears black pants and shoes, the latter of which have brown straps and triangular metal plating. Auron wears a black shirt with a gray collar with intersecting brown straps that is high enough to cover his mouth. His long hair is dark black with gray streaks and is held back by a gold ribbon, and he seems to have some stubble on his chin.

There is a large scar over the right half of Auron’s face and over his eye, which is constantly shut as a result. His left eye is amber colored. On his right hip, Auron carries a jug with the word “Nog” written on it (in Spiran script), a term used to describe a number of beverages, including rum. The drink is featured in two of his Overdrives: when executing Banishing Blade, Auron takes a drink and spits it on the blade, and when using Tornado, Auron hurls the jug into the cyclone to ignite it. The former is likely meant as an homage to Japanese samurai, who would sometimes spit sake on their swords in order to “feed the spirit of the blade”.

Auron is the strong silent type. He speaks only if necessary, but when he does, he often says something important. He appears as a strict, no-nonsense warrior with a dry wit. As a guardian, Auron devotes his life to protecting those in need, putting the matters of others before his own, and is unconcerned with his own well-being. Auron is idolized across Spira by aspiring guardians.

However, beneath the silence, Auron is still outraged and disgusted over the events of ten years ago during hispilgrimage with Braska, and appears to still mourn the loss of his friends. Auron regards himself as a failure for letting the cycle continue. Auron has little to no respect for Yevon, showing no regard for them, likely due to his knowledge of their inner workings and corruption. Kazushige Nojima has compared Auron to Vincent Valentine ofFinal Fantasy VII, stating that though the two are meant to be silent characters, they tend to speak a lot and often have something important to say.



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