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CONJUNCTIVE ADVERBS (Example Sentences Using Therefore, In addition, Nevertheless, Otherwise, and Meanwhile)

Mei 9, 2013

Therefore : The final exam will come; therefore, i have to study hard.

In addition : Rony is a handsome boy; in addition, he is clever.

Nevertheless : Charly is not clever; nevertheless, he always studies hard.

Otherwise : You must first meal; otherwise, you will go to school.

Meanwhile : Lami was working hard; meanwhile, Choi was doing nothing except sweeping floor.


CONJUNCTIVE ADVERBS (Contrast, Condition, Comparison, Result)

Mei 9, 2013

a. Conjunctive adverbs of Contrast : When a sentence shows an unexpected result of another sentence.

=> However : showing general contrasts, used when you are saying something that is different from or contrasts with a previous statement. Example : Rosa had the flu and should have stayed home;however, she went to school.

=> Nevertheless : showing unexpected results, in spite of what has just been said. Example : Rian didn’t study and had poor notes from the class lectures; nevertheless, he got a high mark on the test.

=> Still : showing unexpected results. Example : Dip had a flat tire and traffic was very heavy; still, he made it to work on time.

b. Conjunctive adverbs of Condition : The conjunctive adverb means “if not”, it’s used when the second sentence shows the result if the first sentence doesn’t happen.

=> Otherwise : means in a different way or manner. Example : Be ready in three minutes; otherwise I’ll leave without you.

c. Conjuctive adverbs of Comparison : To compare things.

=> Likewise : means “in the same way”. Example : I love my mother; likewise, I love myself.

d. Conjunctive adverbs of Result : To explain result at that time at the same time besides.

=> Therefore : means for that reason or cause. Example : She studied hard; therefore, she got 1st rank in tournament.

=> Consequently : means something that results from an event. Example : Rika is a wonderful teacher; consequently, many parents want their children in her classroom.

=> Accordingly : means correspondingly Example : It rained very hard; accordingly, the basketball game was canceled.

=> Hence : means “so”. Example : He always go to work early; hence, he never late.

=> Thus : means “so”. Example : Marni is a diligent student; thus, she has a lot of friends.